Tomate Roma Tomatoe

Roma tomatoes

Firm flesh, perfect for sauce making because it contains less water.

Tomate Amish Paste (ancestral)

Amish Paste (heirloom) tomatoes

Firm flesh, a bright red and very sweet. Very good for a sauce or in a salad.

Tomates Granadero

Granadero tomatoes

Ideal for sauces and canning.

Tomate Porkchop « ancestral »

Porkchop « heirloom » tomatoes

Yellow tomatoes often used in sauces that are yellowish.

Tomate Tangerine

Tangerine Tomatoes « old variety »

Thin skin. Golden yellow, fleshy and juicy with a soft texture. Very good, sweet and intense flavor.

Tamatillo verte

Green Tamatillos

Tomatillos are the main ingredients of Mexican salsa verde. They can be cooked which will give a dish a slight tart and spicy taste.

Tomate Jaune Brandywine (ancestral)

Brandywine yellow tomatoes (heirloom)

Excellent, rich and complex flavor.

Tomate Citron

Lemon Tomatoes

Fruit with a sweet flavor and firm flesh.


Butternut Sqaush

Melting texture with the impression of butter is left in the mouth. Its flesh is orange, rich in carotene. It is difficult to define its taste, between carrot and chestnut, sweet potato and fresh nuts.


Jerusalem Artichoke (white & ruby red)

Do not be fooled by its look that resembles that of a ginger root, the flesh of Jerusalem artichoke is slightly sweet and tastes surprisingly like artichoke.


Lemon Sun summer Squash

Its firm pulp, slightly sweet, evokes a flavor close to that of the artichoke.

Oignosn Blanc Espagnol

Sierra Blanca white onion

Sweeter flavor than yellow or red onions.

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