Reservation of Custom Horticulture... What is it?

Processors of hot peppers

For processors of hot peppers it means having your own "dedicated" varieties even if you don't have the time or space to grow them. It means having access to professional practices while having a guaranteed minimum return.


Bangkok a Thai Type

How it works

• Renting a table measuring 6’ X 60’ – from April 1st to November 1st

• A guarantee to obtain 100% of the harvest at an agreed price

• Possibility to purchase many more varieties which are not already reserved at the same agreed price.


For a landscaper, it means being able to meet the needs of their customers by obtaining all the most requested annuals on time with a guaranteed quality that will please everyone.


How it works

• A guarantee to obtain the quantity requested at a contractual price

• Possibility to add more annual types for fall bloom, such as Chrysanthemums

• Possibility to purchase more types or hanging baskets at same contractual price

The advantages ...

• All inputs are supplied to avoid propagation of insects, bacteria or viruses

• Possibility to visit by appointment only, to follow the evolution of “your” plants

• 1st choice of reservation for subsequent years

• Direct delivery to your customers showing your information as shipper

• Opportunity to meet with other customers, if desired

• An Essentially Local product!

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To come ...

An online portal to allow exchanges between Serre St.Laz customers, for information or assistance along with suppling technical data sheets pertaining to the specific farming products.